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Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in DIY, Featured, Furniture, The House | 0 comments

Furniture Swap

New office furniture is on order which has the added bonus of meaning 2 rooms are about to be “complete”.  The old office furniture will be moving upstairs into my “craft” room, which is in desperate need of more workspace.  We bought the current office furniture shortly after we moved into our old house.  It came from Office Depot (OfficeMax?) and we have the desk and matching credenza.

Current Office FurnitureSince this house has a built-in entertainment center, we also have our old tv stand in there.  It came from Sam’s Club, but is very similar to the desk.  I used frosted spray paint on the glass doors to block the view of the electronics.

Current Office FurnitureHere is the craft room in it’s current state.  There is a cedar cabinet (built by David’s grandfather) that’s not in the picture.  The desk and chair are my parents’.  They gave us 2 daybeds and the second daybed in now in that room, but it’s pretty similar.  I have my Silhouette cutting machine on the desk and, between that, the computer and the keyboard, there isn’t any room to work.  I haven’t done much sewing since we moved here, but that’s another purpose of this room, along with being a secondary guest room for the rare times we need it.

Current Craft RoomHere are a couple pictures sans furniture.  This is the smallest bedroom and it shares a bath with The Kid’s Room.

Craft Room

Craft RoomMy challenge is to fit 3 pieces of office furniture and the daybed in the space.  We could put the daybed in another room or get rid of it all together, but I like the idea of having it in there for extra seating and an extra bed.  Below shows all the pieces drawn to scale.

Craft Room LayoutThe desk is the largest piece.  I’d like to keep it on that side of the room because I like to look out the window towards the main road in front of the neighborhood.  If it’s where the daybed is shown, I’ll just be looking at houses in the neighborhood.  I could move the daybed to the back wall next to the door, but it’s going to stick out pretty far and we’d be walking around it all the time.  For now, I’m showing the tv stand on that wall.  The credenza is not finished on the back, so it pretty much has to be against a wall.  Ideally, I’d have it away from the wall so my cutting machine can sit on it (it needs space behind it for the material to move back and forth).  I was hoping to arrange the desk and credenza in an ‘L’ shape, but that either requires leaving open space in the corner of the ‘L’ or blocking the doors on either the desk or cabinet.  I don’t know.  I may just have to wait until we get everything up there to decide although that stuff isn’t real fun to move around.

For now, I’ve been working on the design scheme for the craft room.  The office has already been painted and decorated, so we just have to move the new furniture in there once it gets here.  As you can see above, the craft room has not been painted and is still the original color – BM Jalepeno Pepper (2147-30).  It’s a bold color and I actually don’t mind it too much (The Kid’s nursery was actually close to this color once), but I’d prefer something more neutral in a room where I’m trying to match colors and work on projects.  I came across this picture a while back and it became my inspiration for the room.

Blue Lacquered Cabinets

Photo via

LOVE the blue lacquered cabinets!  And the neutral walls.  This week, I’ve been trying to find the right shade of blue and best paint option to achieve a similar look.

Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel in NavyI think I found it on the first try.  I painted the keyboard drawer from the desk with Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel in Navy and it turned out better than I hoped.  It was really hard to photograph – trying to show the sheen and the actual color.  Overall, it’s darker than it appears in the photos.  It can almost look black if the light isn’t shining on it.  The paint chips are potential wall colors.  I want something extremely light (but not white) to contrast with the navy furniture.  I also still need to paint the trim and ceiling in that room which is still the original ivory color.

Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel in NavyHere you can see the sheen.  It looks like lacquer, which is awesome 🙂  It will take several cans, but I think this is the best option to get the look I want.  My only concern is the various dings on the furniture and how that is going to look.  I’m going to have to do some prep work before I start painting to fill in and smooth out as much as I can

Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel in NavyI’m going to replace the brushed nickel egg knobs with chrome ones (still TBD).  I also want to do something different with the glass tv stand doors.  I may trying painting the glass to look like mercury glass or replace it with metal mesh, similar to the picture below.

Blue and Metal

Photo via

In addition to new paint and furniture, I want to hang some of my photos of our fur kids, past and present, and I have a couple quotes I’d like to cut out of vinyl to apply to the wall.  Eventually, I wouldn’t mind redesigning the daybed.  I’d reuse the existing mattress supports, but build the sides and back out of wood painted to match the other furniture.  I also need to find fabric to match for a new daybed quilt and pillows.  That is what will decide the accent color – I’m thinking a shade of green or coral.  Since this is “my” room, I want to try something a little bolder than I would do in the rest of the house.  Check back to see how it comes together!  The new office furniture will be here in 1-2 weeks, but I will probably go ahead and start on painting the walls, trim and ceiling in the meantime.



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