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The “Dream”

The Land

*We sold the property in late 2016*

Our property was 4 acres in Alabama (the blue square on the map below).  It is 417′ square sitting with the sides facing straight North, South, East and West with the road on the South side.  It sits at the top of a ridge between 2 small “mountains” with the high point near the center line (north to south).  The road slopes down in both directions from near the center of the property however the slope to the east is a lot steeper.  The 2 houses across the street are on the mountain side.  All the nearby properties are on large lots as well (green lines are property lines, the purple squares are houses/buildings) so we wouldn’t have to worry about anything being built closer.  We had planned to have the back of the house facing between/over the 2 houses to the east to take advantage of the view.

Our Land

Here is the final site plan from the draftsman.  The driveway isn’t exactly correct, but it shows the general idea of what we were planning.  Site Plan

Click here for the rest of The Land Story.

The House

The exterior was to be craftsman inspired with a mix of brick, stone and siding.   The interior was to have 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

You can view renderings of our dream house HERE.

*Visit our Pinterest Boards to see some of our inspiration and ideas.*