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Posted by on Jul 13, 2014 in DIY, Featured, The House | 22 comments

A BM Revere Pewter Alternative

We finished our current painting project a couple weeks ago, so I took the opportunity of The Kid’s birthday party and our clean house to finally take pictures.   As mentioned before, I chose Behr Premium Plus Ultra Sculptor Clay (PPU5-8) for the main living area of the house of these choices:

Main Living Area Paint Options

It is a very close match to Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter which is extremely popular.  I’m not crazy about BM paint in how it goes on or cleans and Behr Premium Plus Ultra from Home Depot is our current favorite.  It covers extremely well and is easy to clean which is essential with 2 dogs and a kid.  We’ve repainted the foyer, hallways, family room, kitchen and mud room including all the trim and ceilings which are now Behr Silky White.

Foyer with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

I really want to replace the foyer light with something chrome, but I’m having a hard time finding something I like with a price I can justify.  It’s hard since it’s a very visible spot.

Foyer with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Foyer with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Foyer with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

I have a new, brighter fixture for this hallway, but I’m having a hard time finding a clear glass shade to go on it that is the right size.

Master Hallway with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Family Room with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Family Room with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Family Room with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Family Room with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Family Room with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Here’s a before picture although it’s hard to see how big of a change the new colors made in a picture.

Family Room BEFORE

Family Room BEFORE


Family Room with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Here’s the kitchen before:

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen BEFORE

And after:

Kitchen with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Kitchen with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Kitchen with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Kitchen with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

Here’s a picture of the Mud Room with the old colors.



Mud Room with Behr Sculptor Clay and Silky White Trim

The lighter, more neutral wall color along with the much whiter trim makes it so much brighter and “cleaner” in here.  Painting everything including the ceilings has been a major pain, but we always think it’s worth it when we finish each room.

Next on my list is our bedroom, The Kid’s room and the Dining/Piano room.  I’m looking all over for bedding which will get me pointed in a design direction for the bedrooms.  I think I’m going to use a darker steel blue for the piano/dining room.

Dining Room Wall Color Options

The trim on the left is the new color, the trim on the window is the old ivory color.  Here’s the room in it’s current state:

Dining/Piano Room

I’ve been trying to decide whether to add wainscoting, trim detail to the ceiling or both.  I just feel it needs something to jazz it up a bit.  A new chrome chandelier is on the list once I find one.  I also want to find a couple accent chairs for the space.

Meanwhile, we replaced the wire shelves in the Kid’s closet with more solid shelves which increased his storage by a ton.  I also need to finish up a special project I came up with for his room.  More on that in a future post.


  1. I love the pictures! I’m thinking of painting our new apartment sculptor clay, which is why I came across your post, but one thing that’s worrying me is that our apartment lacks natural light. Do you have any pictures of the living area but with indoor lighting? Thanks!!

    • I don’t have any pictures of the living room at night, but it’s brighter than it is during the day because we have 8 super bright LED bulbs in there. There are pictures of our upstairs hallway which has no windows so the lights are on HERE .

      There is a picture above of our bedroom hallway with the single light fixture as well. That light has a Reveal bulb in it to make the color more natural.

      I’m not sure, but if your concern is it being too dark, I wouldn’t worry about it. Obviously, the lighter the color, the better if you are lacking natural light, but we don’t have a problem with this color being too dark in any areas where we don’t have windows. Our living room only gets morning sun, but we don’t turn the lights on in there until it’s really dark outside. Hope that helps!

  2. Do you have any in-progress pics? Also, what tools did you use to paint? Spray gun? brushes? I am in the process of getting quotes from painters for a very similar transformation and I am tempted to try it myself, but I already tried our bathroom and laundry room and the trim looks awful! I’ve painted trim and walls before and not had this much problem, so I’m not sure if it was just the paint- we used a paint/primer combo from Lowes and recommended rollers that were horrible, so I switched to an angled brush instead but still wasn’t super happy. I’d love any insight you have!

    • No, I don’t have any in-progress pictures. I always mean to take some, but forget about it once we get started. It’s been a couple years since I used Lowe’s paint (Valspar), so I can’t comment on that. We’ve been using Behr Premium Plus Ultra on this house because it is our current favorite. It is their paint with primer. I’ve found it’s not worth saving the extra dollars to buy the regular Premium Plus without primer. For the walls and ceiling, we use a regular 9″ roller – usually Shur-line, Purdy or Wooster with the correct nap for the surface and paint sheen we are using. The ceilings have the flat ceiling paint, the walls have eggshell. This is my favorite roller frame – Shur-line Telescoping Roller Frame – because it extends so I don’t have to use a ladder as much and the handle is padded. For the ceiling, we have a longer pole – don’t buy a cheap one, it’s not worth it.

      For the trim, I am using Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior in Semi-Gloss. With 2 dogs, the exterior paint is easier to clean and more durable. My favorite brush is an angled trim brush with a short handle. We also use that to “cut in” when painting the walls and ceilings. For larger flat surfaces, we may also use a 4″ foam roller to eliminate brush marks – i.e.. on the doors, taller baseboards and flat trim above the doors and windows. Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions!

      • I should also note that this is the 3rd house we’ve painted top to bottom (this is the first time we’ve done ceilings though), so we’ve had a lot of practice and time to figure out what works for us 🙂

      • Thank you! A couple more questions for you- do you use flotrol or something similar or water to help get a smooth finish without brush marks, or just the straight paint? I will have to give the exterior trim paint a try!

        • We have never added anything to the paint for any reason. Running over it with a foam roller will smooth out brush marks, but that’s usually only an issue on larger flat surfaces.

  3. Hi, I absolutely love your body of work here. I wanted to know where did you get the beautiful coffee table? I love the print. DId you get it upholstered? If so, where did you get the fabric?

    Thank you.

    • Thanks! We actually built the ottoman / coffee table. Since I’ve been asked about it before, I just wrote a new post about it here. Information about the fabric can be found in this post. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Hi! Your home is beautiful! I am getting ready to change my beige paint to “greige”. Do you think the color you used looks like a grey? I’m afraid of painting with a greige, and then realizing that it still looks beige instead of grey.

    • Hello! That was one of my concerns too, along with it being too gray. Honestly, it depends on the light, time of day, etc. As I sit in the kitchen right now, it does have a beige cast, but looking into the mud room, it looks gray. If you currently have beige, I’m sure this will look gray in comparison. I’d suggest getting a sample jar of it and painting a couple swatches on different walls (make sure you do at least 2 coats). Try to paint them close to the trim so you aren’t looking at it in the middle of a sea of beige. Hope that helps!

  5. Hello! I just bought a house and am planning on using the sculptor clay color for interior walls. I haven’t worked with the premium plus ultra paint/primer in one. Do you find you don’t need to use traditional primer with it? I know that’s the idea but I’ve heard conflicting opinions!

    • We have only used primer once and that was to paint a dark red over cheap builder’s paint. I would use a primer on plain drywall since primer is usually cheaper and drywall will suck it up. No matter what paint companies claim, we always end up painting at least 2 coats of paint. Even with the new Behr Marquee which has “one coat coverage”, we had to do 2 coats. The only way we can see getting away with one coat is if you are meticulous at how well the first coat covers (which would take forever), or don’t care how the finished product looks. Assuming your walls have already been painted, you should be ok with 2 coats of Premium Plus Ultra (unless you are doing a drastic change in colors). Hope that helps!

      • Thank you!

  6. DO you think SW Creamy would be a good trim paint with Sculptor Clay? I was also looking at Revere Pewter but would love to try this too. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the delay – had to dig out my SW fan deck 🙂 I think SW Creamy would look ok if you are going for a non-white trim color.

  7. Hi, what color of Behr paint did you use in your kitchen after your makeover? Thanks!

    • As written in the post above, it is Behr Premium Plus Ultra Sculptor Clay (PPU5-8).

  8. Hi – Do you by any chance know what color granite you have in your kitchen? It looks similar to what we have. We currently have BM Linen White thoughout our entry, kitchen and family room and I would like to repaint with something that has a little more contrast to the white trim and moulding without making the space too dark.

    • I’m not sure exactly which granite it is, but it’s one of the more common (i.e. less expensive) ones like Venetian Gold or Santa Cecelia.

  9. Hello. I’m wondering what color you used for the ceiling and trim? I absolutely love love love the way your home looks. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • As written in the post above, it is Behr Premium Plus Ultra Silky White. Thanks for the compliments!


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