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Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 in Featured, The House | 0 comments

Home Show 2013

Yesterday, we went to the local Building, Home & Remodeling Show that’s going on this weekend.  Fortunately, it was as big as last year and much better than the Nashville show (and the Birmingham one, according to our builder).  We left with a very heavy bag of brochures since this was the first year we were seriously looking at stuff.  I also snagged a box of mortar samples in all the colors which will be nice to have.  I went through them last night and added a few to our mantle of samples.  Meanwhile, The Kid tried out the swing set on display shortly after we got to the show.


Mom thought these swan corbels were neat.

Swan Corbels

I really liked this lighting collection (and the price), but I wish it came in some sort of silver finish.

Savoy House Raymond Waites Windsung Lighting

(Savoy House Raymond Waites Windsung Collection)

Savoy House Raymond Waites Windsung Lighting

I thought this little guy was pretty cute – reminded me of my “little dude“.

Puppy Statue

We also saw the cooktop we want on display.  I had thought there was only one Thermador dealer around here, but it turns out there are 2.  That should be helpful when it comes to getting the best price since we can go back and forth between the 2.

Thermador Mirrored Induction Cooktop

This metallic tile was pretty neat and the prices weren’t too bad either.

Maniscalco Sydney Harbor Metals and Victoria Metals Tile

We also got to see the charcoal cabinet samples again along with a large display.  Unfortunately, I only had my phone with me and it’s impossible to get the white balance corrected enough to show the true color.  I tried as best as I could with the following pictures.

Charcoal Stain Cabinets

This display has the Charcoal stain along with Antique White cabinets with a gray brushed finish.

Charcoal Stain Cabinets

Charcoal Stain Cabinets

Charcoal Stain Cabinets

Charcoal Stain on Maple

Charcoal Stain on Maple

I’ve been pricing iron doors for the past week and we saw several displays yesterday.  It turns out we can get a door shipped from California for over 20% less than picking one up in Atlanta – similar style, similar specs.  We saw a company yesterday with a price close to the California company so we might be able to get one closer by, which would be a lot less headache.

We talked to the builder for several minutes while we were there.  David’s work schedule is about to get crazy again, so we need to get as much done as possible while we have time.  I feel like we are so close to being able to start, yet I still wonder if we’ll ever get there.  We applied for the loan a month ago, but they can’t do anything until we give them the final plans and our contract with the builder.  The plans are almost finalized – I just need to make sure everything matches up between the elevations and the floor plans.  The builder has been getting bids from all the suppliers and subcontractors so we will have a better idea of the total cost.  We still have a ways to go to get it back down to our budget.  As soon as we get that done, we can proceed with the loan process and get started.  While we don’t have any major deadlines to start by, it is costing us more money the longer we wait.  Construction material prices have went up significantly.  The builder could have locked in last year’s prices if we had been able to start earlier in the year, but we missed out on that.  Drywall alone is costing us 30% more, for example.  He was able to lock in on the concrete price, but only until April.  If we don’t get started by then, we’ll be paying more for that too.  That’s a pretty large chunk between the ICF and our fairly long driveway.  We need to sit down today to go over everything so we can try to get this show on the road.

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