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Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in DIY, Featured, Furniture, Home Theater | 0 comments

Home Theater – Part 8

As we finished up the platform, I began thinking of other seating options besides the leather recliners.  I already have plans for a pub table in the front dormer which can be used for eating while watching a movie or game.  There is a good amount of room in front of the platform and I thought it might be nice to have something for kids to lounge on (and adults!)  I wanted something nice, not a regular beanbag chair.  I had seen these Lovesacs a few years ago in a mall, but had forgotten how expensive they are.

Lovesac Moviesac

I looked for cheaper knockoffs and decided to check Craigslist figuring that someone might not have room for one anymore.  As luck would have it, there was one listing nearby for a Moviesac for $175 (vs $800 new!).  It was pink, but I wasn’t concerned with that.  New covers aren’t cheap, but I could order one of those if my plans to dye it failed.

Lovesac Moviesac - Home Theater

Did I mention these things are huge???  I didn’t?  Well, it’s HUGE!  I can’t believe they make 2 larger than this.  It took me and the seller to wedge it into the back of my hatchback.  Getting it out of my car, into the house (it barely fit thru the door) and up the stairs was a workout.  It weighs about 50 pounds.

The dogs were pretty excited to see it although they weren’t sure how they were supposed to get on it.

Lovesac Moviesac - Home Theater

They think it’s the coolest dog bed ever!!  I can curl up in the middle of it – like a giant dog bed for people.  It’s awesome and super comfy.

Lovesac Moviesac - DIY Home Theater

I washed the cover and used Rit color remover to get rid of the pink.  I didn’t want it to affect the final color.

Lovesac Moviesac - DIY Home Theater

My plan was to dye it Rit Pearl Gray, but that made it look like denim.  I added some black to make it darker.  It ended up a really dark navy blue.  Not ideal, but at least it’s not pink anymore.  I’d like to order a new cover if I can get a decent deal on one.  This will do for now though.  The Kid loves it and now we have some extra space to lounge!

Lovesac Moviesac - DIY Home Theater

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