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Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Boy's Room, DIY, Featured, Flooring, Furniture | 1 comment

Snap Circuits Wall

A few years ago, I came across a toy called Snap Circuits while perusing Amazon for Christmas present ideas.  The sets contain various electronic parts – motors, lights, switches, resistors, etc.  All the pieces have metal snaps so they are easy to connect together into circuits.

Snap Circuits


Snap Circuit Switch

The Kid was a little young for them at the time, but I thought it looked perfect for him (and The Husband).  It went over so well, I ordered another set a couple weeks later.  A couple months later, we needed the storage case for them.  Today, he could fill 3 cases and still have loose pieces laying around.  They are by far the best toy we’ve ever bought him.  He’ll go back to these shortly after opening other presents on holidays.  He rarely uses the manuals anymore and creates his own circuits.

Along with that comes hundreds of pieces laying around the house at the risk of being lost.  There are tons of ideas for Lego storage and, while Snap Circuits are gaining popularity, I wasn’t able to find any creative ideas for storage for them.  I wanted something that would hang on the wall that he could easy stick the parts to and possibly use to build circuits on.  My first idea was to find the correct size snap and cover a board or piece of fabric with them.  I had a hard time finding the correct size snap and knew that applying hundreds of them, evenly spaced, was not going to be a fun project.  The other option was to order several of the base grids and attach them to a board that could be hung on the wall.  I knew that would add up the cost fast, but finally decided it was the easiest and best option.

Snap Circuits Base Grid

I ordered 15 of the base grids (The Kid still has several loose ones he can carry around and build on).  We bought a 1/2″ sheet of MDF and cut it slightly larger than the size of the grids, then spray painted it Metallic Silver.  Once it was dry, we used clear glue to attach the grids to the MDF using some of the Snap Circuit connection pieces to keep them lined up and spaced correctly.  David screwed the board into the studs, then I framed it with 1.5″ MDF boards which covered the screw holes.

Elenco Snap Circuits Wall

Now his pieces are all on display and he can keep them organized and (more importantly) off the floor.  We made it large enough that he has room to build circuits on it as well.  He still has his case for travel.

Elenco Snap Circuits Wall

He currently has a large, spread out circuit connected with jumper wires.

Elenco Snap Circuits Wall

Elenco Snap Circuits Wall

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on a design for the rest of The Kid’s room.  Below is a design board of my ideas.  I’m leaning towards building the bed in the middle.  I’m not sure whether it will be painted, stained or what color.  I want to paint the wall around the Snap Circuit board with a dark blue chalk board paint.  I’m not sure about the other 3 walls, but I know it will be something light.  For storage, he will also need new nightstands and at least one dresser.  After building all the closet drawers, I’m not sure if I want to build his dressers or buy something.  Another option is to buy some wood dressers from Ikea that I can refinish to match the bed I build.  If I add matching drawer pulls, everything will match.

The Kid's Room Design Board


I also think I’ve found bedding for the Master Bedroom so I’m trying to come up with a design scheme to go with it.  Meanwhile, I’ve been collecting wood floor samples again.  To match the rest of the downstairs, we need oak for our bedroom.  For now, it will be a different stain, but if we refinish the rest of the house eventually it will all match.  Below are my current top choices.

Oak Floor Options


From top to bottom, left to right – Jasper Wheat Beige (x2), Jasper Charcoal, Bruce Flint Oak

Bruce Tawny Oak Scrape, Bruce Mocha Oak Scrape, Bruce Mountainside Oak Scrape, Bruce Coastal Gray Oak Scrape, Bruce Wolf Run Oak Scrape

Jasper Rainstorm Gray (x2)

Jasper Malt (x2)

I’m currently leaning towards the 2 on the right.  I really like the darker gray stain, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea with 2 white Bulldogs.  I also like the lighter one on the far right.  It’s very neutral and not too dark or light.  I’m not sure how soon we’ll get around to replacing the carpet, but it won’t be soon enough 😛

Anyway, not much will get done in the next week or 2 as The Kid is starting school soon.  We need to get everything together for the first day of school and get back in the routine.

1 Comment

  1. This rocks! We love snap circuits, but they are just as bad as Legos for being everywhere. I am so building something like this. Thank you for the inspiration!


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