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Posted by on Dec 22, 2013 in DIY, Featured, Master Closet, The House | 0 comments

Master Closet – Part 7

In the midst of catching up on all our Christmas shopping, cards, etc, our closet is still .01% unfinished.  We are completely moved into it though.  We still have a lot of hanging room available and, although all the drawers have something in them, most are far from full.  All my purses are on the very top shelves, but there is still a lot of space open up there too.

The mirror in the rear cabinet still isn’t hung.  I’m going to mount it with construction adhesive and trim it out with 1Xs.  We may put a full length mirror on the the opposite wall next to the door.

Closet Mirror

The new chrome light fixture is hung, but I need to touch up the ceiling where the fluorescent light was.  I got a great deal on the light and it looks so much better.  The only downside is that the 4- 100W bulbs heat up the closet fast compared to the fluorescent, but we may change them out for LEDs at some point.  The crown molding still needs to be finished, caulked and painted, but that’s all cosmetic.

New Light

The drawer pulls were installed which made a big difference.  They are almost too pretty for a closet!  I’m tempted to use them somewhere else in the house as well.

Drawer Pulls

Drawer Pulls

With luck, things will slow down after this week and we’ll have time to finish it all up.  Then, I’ll finally be able to post pictures of the whole thing.  *fingers crossed*

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