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Posted by on Aug 15, 2013 in The House | 1 comment


We have the appraisal for the house we are in the process of buying.  It took less than 3 days and came back $5,000 over the purchase price.  A-mazing.  Exactly like the other 2 houses we’ve bought and the land.  Funny how that works when you buy a house as opposed to Here, Here and Here.

The closing is tentatively scheduled for the middle of September, but we could probably close a lot sooner.  I’m really anxious to have the keys, but since we will probably be stuck paying for this place for a while, we don’t want a mortgage payment any sooner than we have to.

1 Comment

  1. Wonderful! I have spoken to two different banks because of your posts. I have one bank strongly suggesting I go with stick construction because of the comps in the area, and the other has appraised 4 ICF homes herself with the bank she works with. She loves the product! But warns that right now because of the market the better deal is a ready built, so I should just be aware of what I’m headed for. Just as your story has played out. The ICF builder wanted to contact you and offer his services, but when I told him you were in TN, he said “oh, never mind:)” I’m building in east Texas. So far, with 4 bids out, one has declined to bid but will “budget” the project if I outright give it to him. The second doesn’t like the Home Designer software, so wants me to hire a local draftmen to redo the plan. The ICF firm uses Chief Architect Premier, and LOVES my plans and asked if they get the contract if I wanted to come into their office and finish out the drawings with their building specs. I called the last bidder this morning to “ADD” 1″ foamcore to the 2×6 exterior so that the R factor would be apples to apples to ICF. He said it wasn’t needed, but that he’d start working on the bid next week. When I reminded him that the bids were due next week on Tues at noon, he was shocked. He apologized for not reading my cover letter with the instructions to bid. Hmmmmmmm. I think he’s out of the process, although he said he would get something to me 1 1/2 weeks AFTER the bids were closed. The insulation contractor I called today to get the comparable for insulation for stick vs. ICF said to me, “why don’t you just be your own builder at this point. I know an excellent framer”. I’m not sure if I want to jump into that arena. Must do further research. So for right now it looks like ONLY the ICF firm will have their bid in on time. Such a process…..
    Congratulations!!!!!to you!!!! -Lisa

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