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Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Featured, Land, Landscaping, The House | 0 comments

Door Color

We continue to wait as the bank processes our loan.  They have approved our part of it.  Since we are using the farm bank, we were going to get their “rural home” loan, but they had to change it to their “farm” loan.  One of the requirements was that we write up a proposal for projected farming income.  It could include anything from livestock, beehives, produce, a greenhouse, etc.  Since I already moved 9 of my rose bushes out there and plan to add more, we used that in the proposal.  We also mentioned our plans to plant walnut or other hardwood trees out there for future income.  They accepted our proposal and are working on getting the appraisal started now.  It would be great if that gets completed in the next week since it is our last big hurdle.  I’m still really worried about whether the appraisal will come back high enough for us to get the loan.  It could easily go either way.

In the meantime, we have been staying busy with other things.  The Kid is finishing up school and D is finally working less which has been really nice (by less, I mean 40 hours instead of 70).  I’ve continued to work on things for the house occasionally, but it’s with great apprehension until the loan appraisal is completed.  One question I’ve been contemplating for a while is what color to paint the interior doors.  Obviously, the standard is white to match the trim.  I’ve seen pictures of several houses with black/charcoal doors though and I like it.  Downstairs, our doors will be 8′ tall which I love.  (Upstairs, they’ll be the standard height).  Here are a few inspiration pictures.

Our doors will likely have 5 recessed panels with chrome levers, like the pictures below.

I tried changing them in my design program to see how it looks, but it didn’t really help much.  Our doors are mostly spread out and several are pocket doors which won’t really be visible when open (which will be most of the time).

Interior Door Colors

Interior Door Colors

Interior Door Colors

White would be the safe choice, but I like the richness of the black doors.  Black might show the dust, but white does too along with dirty handprints.  I think the price difference will be negligible.  Any thoughts?

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