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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Featured, Flooring, Land, The House | 0 comments

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I went out to the land yesterday morning for the first time in a couple months.  We’ve been to my sister’s house several times, but have somehow managed to not go 5 minutes up the road to the land.  Fortunately, everything looked good.  It’s about knee high, but since it’s dry, it’s not too hard to walk thru.  I tried to find the rocks we marked for the back of the house.  I eventually had to use the pictures on my phone as reference and I was able to find them.

Our Land - November 2012

I also checked on my roses.  To my surprise, 6 of the 9 had recent growth on them so I haven’t lost any since the last time I was out there.  I tried to cut them back some for the winter.  If I can get them thru the winter, I should be able to take better care of them next spring.  I like walking around out there – it’s so peaceful and something I really needed this week.  I’m still having a hard time believing a house will start going up there in a couple months (hopefully).

My Roses

I left there and went to a nearby stone/tile store.  I ended up being there a lot longer than I planned since the sales woman showed me around.  We walked thru the stone slabs first.  They had the most I had seen.  I’d prefer to stay away from marble since it’s more maintenance, but this slab was pretty with the blue/gray veining.

Damasco White Marble

This one had green veining which was also pretty.

Calcutta Verde Marble

This granite slab has a lot of color and is pretty busy, but it had a lot of silver sparkle in it and was pretty.  Orion Blue Granite:

Orion Blue Granite

Orion Blue Granite

They had a slab of leathered Antique Brown (Marron Cohiba) which is moving it’s way up my list for the kitchen.  It was nice to see it unpolished, but I would have it honed instead of leathered.  The leathered gives it a texture that I worry would be harder to clean in the kitchen.  I’d like to get a sample of it to compare to the Cambria Praa Sands sample.

Antique Brown Granite Leathered / Marron Cohiba

Antique Brown Granite Leathered / Marron Cohiba

After looking at the slabs, I went thru their tile.  I mainly wanted to see what they had of the Jeffrey Court tile.

Jeffrey Court Chapter 9 Pietra Opus II

They had the same sample board that I fell in love with before.

Jeffrey Court Chapter 3 Stream Stone

Along with more samples from the same collection.

Jeffrey Court Chapter 3 Stream Stone

This is the field stone that matches the sample board above.  Fortunately, the price isn’t too bad compared to a lot of the other stuff I’ve seen.

Jeffrey Court Chapter 3 Stream Stone

Heres a border that also matches it.

Jeffrey Court Chapter 3 Stream Stone

Also really like this sample board with this border:

Jeffrey Court Chapter 3 Stream Stone

Jeffrey Court Chapter 3 Stream Stone

Jeffrey Court Chapter 11 Align

Jeffrey Court Chapter 16 Park Place

Jeffrey Court Chapter 16 Park Place

This is a little more rustic than I like, but I like it.

Jeffrey Court Chapter 18 Mozart's Mosaics

Some glass mosaics that caught my eye:

Glass Tile

I’ve been in contact with the draftsman this week.  He should be getting the elevations to us soon.  He also asked for my electrical plan so I emailed that to him.  It’s not perfect, but it should be enough to get him started.  Any needed changes later should be easy to fix.

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