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Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Land | 0 comments

Much Improved

I finally made it out to the land today to see all the work David has done.  I took my camera with me and ended up being there for almost an hour.  It was great to be able to see large open areas and the full length of the property lines for the first time.  It’s been so hard to see or imagine how large it actually is.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem that big, but once you start walking around, it seems huge.

I started in the SW corner and basically walked clockwise along the property lines.  Here is one of the many large rocks on the property.  This one is at least 5′ long.

Big rock(s)

Below is looking South along the West property line.  The road is down at the end of the clearing.

Looking South along the West property line.

We’ve had some really bad lightning this year and there are several trees that look like they’ve been struck by lightning.  Before we bought the land, I had wondered if that would be a problem since it’s 300′ higher than where we are now.  I hate lightning, so I think lightning rods are going to be another requirement.  There are also a few trees that were damaged by the F5 tornado that passed a mile north of the property, but we were already planning on building a storm shelter.

North property line.

As I was walking along the North property line, I was excited when I looked East and was able to see this.  This is the view we’ve only been able to see from the road.  What makes it even better is that I was standing on one of the lowest points of the property when I took this.  If I was able to see this standing on the ground at one of the lower spots, we should definitely be able to have a view from a house sitting 10’+ higher.

Looking East along North property line.

The rest of the pictures I took are below.  As always, I made a point of holding the camera level so you can see the slope of the land.


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